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SCRIPT® (Smoking Cessation and Reduction in Pregnancy Treatment) is an evidence-based program designed to help pregnant women quit smoking or reduce their tobacco consumption during pregnancy. The program aims to improve both maternal and infant health outcomes by reducing the harmful effects of smoking during pregnancy.

Components of the SCRIPT® Program

  • Training for healthcare providers: Health professionals, including doctors, nurses, and midwives, are trained on how to effectively address smoking cessation and reduction among pregnant women. This training helps ensure that providers have the necessary knowledge and tools to support their patients throughout the process.
  • Assessment and individualized counseling: Pregnant women participating in the program receive an initial assessment to determine their current smoking habits, readiness to quit or reduce, and any barriers they may face. Based on this assessment, healthcare providers offer individualized counseling and support to help women set realistic goals and develop strategies for achieving them.
  • Pharmacotherapy (when appropriate): In some cases, healthcare providers may recommend nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or other smoking cessation medications, as long as they are deemed safe and appropriate for pregnant women.
  • Follow-up support and monitoring: Pregnant women in the SCRIPT® program receive ongoing follow-up and support to monitor their

SCRIPT® Works!

Randomized and cohort studies sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and other authorities have established that quit rates for SCRIPT® patients are significantly higher than for patients receiving other care.

Additional Information 

SCRIPT® is designed as a component of a patient education program for prenatal care providers and is cited by the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality’s Smoking Cessation Clinical Practice Guidelines.

SCRIPT® counseling is a reimbursable service under the Patient and Affordable Care Act.